Bravo Company 3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry


This website is dedicated to the men of B-3/22

...who both fought and died in Vietnam.


This web site is dedicated to those who served with B Company, 3rd Battalion, 22d Infantry Regiment from its activation at Fort Lewis, Washington in January 1966 through its inactivation after more than four years of combat in Vietnam in November, 1970.

Whether draftee or volunteer, all responded to the call of their country with faith, courage, compassion, and professionalism earning the respect and gratitude of the nation they served with dignity, honor, and integrity.

The experiences they shared as soldiers forges a bond of brotherhood which endures beyond base camp, fire base, or battlefield. The soldier spirit formed in Vietnam binds those who served together both in the present and lasting to future generations.

J. Walter Shugart, III Commanding Officer
January, 1967 to April, 1967


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