Bravo Company 3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry

Photo Gallery

Contains both past and present photos of the men of B 3/22. We encourage all Bravo Regulars, along with any of our guests, to contribute to this Gallery. Please try to send all photos in .jpg format; it makes things much easier. Send them to Send them to Dave Lowell and well take it from there. All pictures must be labeled with proper names, dates and locations (to the best of your ability) to be used as a caption. As much as wed love to post every picture we get, please limit photos to those of B 3/22 and related subjects.

Remember the many photos on this page may take some time to load depending on the speed of your connection.

Bravo Regulars Personal Photo Galleries

Photos Submitted by Brian Betters

Photos Submitted by Bruce Brinkman

Photos Submitted by Stephen Earp

Photos Submitted by John Otte

Photos Submitted by Richard Ward

Photos Submitted by George Trujillo

Photos Submitted by Larry Robinson

Photos Submitted by Cliff Weese

Photos Submitted by Ronald Sanford






Reunion Photos


FSB CROOK ~ Group Shot


A look at LZ Gold on 19 march 1967,photo taken by the Thunderbirds, your ride into the LZ that day. Submitted by Bill Schamus.









All pictures must be labeled with, name, date, and a brief description to be used as a caption.