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It has been a strange summer for me with a lot of rain, making it hard to get any hay put up. Not as much swimming going on as I would like because itís a bit cool and the 700 tomato plants are just not producing like past years. The apples and pumpkins look promising though and cukes and zucchinis are going well. Godís gifts to us can never be the same for year after year, as that could be very boring. A life worth living is worth living one day at a time. Like Vietnam, every day can be unpredictable. I think He has prepared us well. Remember we are grunts and we can handle anything.

We have had a few trips up north this summer to the Manitowish area, Home of the Great White Spirit. While on an evening bike ride, I spotted a big black mama bear running across the road followed by three regular sized cubs and one little guy hurrying to keep up with the rest. A neat sighting I may never see again in my lifetime. Godís gift to me amongst His beautiful trees of the north. A memory for me as exciting as catching a big musky.

I love to go to flea markets, not only for the great buys I have gotten, but for some of the people Iíve met. It is strange to think about, but I may never see those people again in my lifetime. One fellow that sticks out in my mind was a basket weaver, gray bearded, my height, a slighter build than me, fun to talk to and a twinkle in his blue eyes. His fingers looked very calloused, plainly dressed with a older truck, but a happy fellow. I would call him one of Godís artists, indeed. He told me he had a great day at the big St. Germainís flea market the day before. He sold six baskets with prices ranging from fifty dollars to several hundred, so he had quite a smile on his face. For me it would be very interesting to see the house or cabin he lives in, or his work shop. Our Lord was a fellow like that also.

I picked up a seven cup coffee pot with a glass top that lets you know when the coffee is dark enough to drink. I love coffee, but it does not love me so much. I do love the great smell in the early morning. Coffee can get you going one way or the other and at my age that is not a bad thing.

Godís love for us is so great, like His breath whispering through the pines, or the smell of campfire smoke in the air, or the sparkle in an artistís eyes as we talked about his baskets, which are his pride and joy. You can have all the material things in the world, but if you donít have love, you have nothing. More than ever now I pray for good health, not just for myself, but for all the good people I know. Many people I meet or have met in my life I may never see again. The people I have met in Our Circle of Love and Peace I will never forget, maybe their names, but never the love in their eyes that they shared with me. This fall coming up could be the Autumn of my life. One never knows but bears can run faster than bicycles and nobody was with me that pedals slower than I do, so Iím on point again.

I am looking forward to fall in the great state of Wisconsin, as the rain has been good this year. The maple trees, in contrast with all the other colors up north, should make a beautiful fall.

While up north on this last trip, taking our truck to pick up a go-kart we bought for our grandson at the flea market, I was able to attend a wood carvers convention. A hundred carvers or so, very interesting, men and women, mostly our age and older, a lot of talent there. I also met a Vietnam vet from the 82nd Airborne who served in 1968 during Tet. We thanked each other for our service.

From bathing in the Manitowish River, to kayaking, boating, fishing, to the flea market where I bought Barb a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a fishing rod for our 47th anniversary, to the carvers convention, we met some great people, all in the presence of Our Lord in His great outdoors.

In what ways can we strengthen, encourage or refresh ourselves in the Lord, when we are feeling discouraged? We can list the ways He has cared for us in the past, and how He has provided for us or answered a prayer request. We can remember what God has promised, be strong and of good courage for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go (Josh. 1:9).

God's Blessing to all,



Come share under the tree with me
We'll talk about the things that are meant to be.
We need to share with each other after all these years
There is nothing wrong with sharing a few tears.
A healing thing for all of us, you see
A special time to give thanks to Thee.
The Spirit will be there, morale will be high, too
I'm sure looking forward to seeing all of you!!
May the light of the Holy Spirit shine upon you all!


Ted Rowley  ~  Chaplain

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